Multi Well Syrup

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Multivitamin product for children and Adult:

multi-Well is a multivitamin medicine in the form of syrup. It contains both fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D3, E) and water-soluble ones (vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, dexpanthenol), L-lysine (HCl) and additionally calcium. Vitamins are essential for regular function of your body. Everyday diet is commonly inadequate and unable to fulfil daily vitamin requirements.

Multi-Well is used in:

1)- Prevention and treatment of vitamin deficiencies in increased vitamin requirement conditions.

2)- Loss of appetite.

3)- Tendency to frequent infections, to treat and prevent of some viral infection such as herpes simplex.

4)- Reduce stress.

5)- Improving athletic performance.

6)- Increase absorption of Calcium.

7)- Growth and development period.

8)- Physical and mental exhaustion as well as tiredness.

9)- decreased ability to concentrate.

10)- Convalescence period after diseases and antibiotic treatment.

11)- To improve general fitness.

 Multi-Well may be given to children above 1 year, as well as to adolescents and adults.

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