Infant Nutrition

Infant nutrition is the description of the dietary needs of infants. A diet lacking essential calories, minerals, vitamins, or fluids is considered inadequate. Breast milk provides the best nutrition for these vital first months of growth when...

Infant baby formulas
Wide range of infant baby products that cover all nutritional needs for newborn babies
  • Regular baby milk: formulas for new-born, follow-on and growth
  • Special formulas

specialised manufacturing plant

  • Dry mix process
  • Highly automated state-of-the-art technology
  • Pneumatic transport in dense phase by aspiration
  • Packed in inert atmosphere, less than 1% residual oxygen guarantee
  • Laser QR can unit coding
  • Spooncup.
  • Strict quality control and traceability SAE3
  • 4.0 Integral ERP management systems
  • Strict quality control and traceability: SAE3
  • 4.0 Integral ERP management systems.

Infant food supplements

  •  Optimal growth, bone and cognitive development
  •  Memory improvement, stronger defenses and apetite stimulus
  •  Relaxation, sleep, digestion and cholics.

Child nutrition

Wide range of children’s products to over all the nutrition of babies from birth
Kidimil 1
Kidimil 2
Kidimil 3